Strata Cells for Car Parks

How often have you driven into a car park and noticed the poor health of the trees that are strategically positioned to provide solar protection to your vehicle and heat relief from the surface? This is often caused by the many constraints the tree must endure, including, lack of growing medium, lack of moisture and air within the growing medium and a basic lack of usable space for the trees to grow within. These basic essentials for healthy growth are continuously overlooked when car parks are designed.

‘Citygreen’ are manufacturing a plastic cell (Strata Cell). The cells are hollow and interlock to form a trafficable matrix that is filled with a quality soil mix. Drainage, irrigation and aeration are also provided to create the best environment possible to support a large canopy tree. A concrete or bitumen surface forms the trafficable surface over the cells and protects the tree roots.

This is a specialised system and must be installed in accordance with manufacturers specifications and Engineers details.

So next time you’re in a supermarket car park, standing under a healthy canopy tree, ask yourself, is this the result of a subsurface engineered solution using ‘Greencity’s’, Strata Cells?

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